Photo Submission

Do you think you have a picture or pictures that would be perfect for a workday chicken?

Do they meet these requirements?

  1. 1.Clear, high resolution (full size) pictures

  2. 2.Just chickens,  no people or other animals in the pictures

  3. 3.The picture must belong to you and you must say in you email that we have permission to use your photo

  4. 4.Photos most likely to be chosen are beautiful chicken pictures, quizzical looks, two or more chickens that look like they could be talking to each other or funny poses.

If you feel the photo qualifies, email it to us with:

the name you would like on the credit line,

the state or country you live in

and your permission


please put “photo submission” on the subject line.

We will add the pictures to our files.  There is no guarantee that we will use the picture but if we do you will be notified beforehand.  

to:   mother_hen@workdaychickenpictures.commailto:mother_hen@workdaychickenpictures.comshapeimage_3_link_0
subject:  Photo Submission

Here is my submission for a Workday Chicken.

I give you permission to use it.  I would like the name John Doe (or your blog or website) on the credit line.  I live in California.

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Photo Submission